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Texas Metal Festival Preparing for Invasion in 2015

Rock Fiesta,  Inc.  producers of the Texas Metal Festival,  announced  last week the launch of their indiegogo campaign to raise start-up funding for a large outdoor 2-day metal festival slated for April  11 & 12, 2015 in S. Texas.

The  spontaneous  combustion  of  thousands  of  metalheads  cheering  for  the  newest  major  metal festival has the online metal media scene jumping on the virtual iron bandwagon. Already joining the promotional onslaught as media sponsors  are;  Reachdown’s ‘13sradio’ in Houston, ‘In the pit radio’  Cleveland and ‘Moose Metal Radio’, in Oklahoma City and other metal ezines.
Thousands have clamored to the Facebook page (over  1,000  likes  in  just  the  first  4  days  with  a  4.8  of  5  rating),  and  thousands  more  to,  The  two  event  partners,  metal  vocalist  Erick  Shute,  and  Festival  Producer Hal Davidson are ecstatic at the media launch. SNS everywhere are spreading the word
The  activity  is  also  exciting  investors.  So  besides  the  crowd  funding  effort,  the  two  fast-acting  producers have  accelerated their efforts to cultivate  negotiations with investors,  offering generous  expected returns.  The event has a relatively low breakeven  point under 5,000 ticks  and fans have stated their opinions that over 30,000 would attend, so a profitable first time event is inevitable.
The indiegogo campaign is expected to continue, but now the focus is on tying down major investors regardless of how  many fans choose to receive the  33%  off  advance  discount. This presale perk  also  means  no  sales  tax  and  no  ticket  service  fee,  which  starts  as  soon  as  the  main  website  commences by October, 2014. Right now, a $100  2-day weekend pass is available until the end of June, 2014 when the same ticket becomes $150 plus sales tax and ticket service fees.
Erick Shute said,  “the outpouring of online metal media and radio stations has been off the scale.  We are blown away at the support of the greater metal scene. Metalheads everywhere really want  this event to happen. Many other online metal portals are promoting the festival.
A Mexican metal radio station is making a bi-lingual FB site due to the huge response from Mexican metalheads.” The 500 acre festival site is located just 33 miles north of the border!
The festival is all about  quality live  metal music, continuous for 12 hours x 2 days! 24 hrs. of the most diverse metal lineup ever seen!”. TMF is a European style inspired festival hosting some of the best bands from all over the metal spectrum, the greatest diversity ever combined in America. Ticket buyers  will experience  everything from Death Metal to Black  Metal, Nu Metal to Thrash Metal,  to Math Core, and more.
Davidson and Shute, most concerned for a high quality music experience will invest in  state-of-the  art sound, stage lighting, special effects and sound and LED relay towers. Though Europe stages 70 major metal festivals a year, only a handful of major metal events are produced in the U.S., and none are held in an outdoor open-land festival site.
Shute’s  supercharged  social  network  is  virally  spreading  the  word  like  a  bad  disease,  targeting metalheads all over the planet.  “The metal scene is one big family, allegiant and supportive  of  the music and music festivals more than any other type of music genre.” Shute said.

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