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Split/Cross Release Rise of Discontent

The dudes from SPLIT/CROSS have been shouting against injustice through different extreme music endeavors, most notably through The Human Race Is Filth (sludgy crust/grind) and the now defunct Police State. Now, the trio is on the way to raise their voice a step further with the newly formed force Split/Cross.

Hailing from South Central PA (Harrisburg & York PA), Split/Cross can possibly be described by the sound where hardcore meets pulverizing grindcore and crust punk with the razor-sharp d-beat touch and some dabs of heavy doom/sludge. Upon further inspection, an educated pair of ears will even discover the death and black metal influences in the music as well. The music delivers a torrent of aggressive moments, soaked in sardonic and depressive interludes.  


The Debut recording of Split/Cross is a short album, entitled “Rise of Discontent”, and is out digitally through Bandcamp (for now) on Jan 31, 2019. Hard copy versions to be available when they get the funds or some support from some outsiders.

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Spilt/Cross will be playing shows and writing for the next release (whatever that maybe) for mid to late 2019.

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