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Moosifix: Sacrilicius is Coming

Since early 2012, Calgary’s Moosifix have been lighting up shows with their own brand of do-what-you-want Debt Metal: weird death metal with uncanny tech and vicious grind influences. Impressions were made with their 2013’s self-titled demo which comprises six bludgeoning tracks ranging in themes from the horrors of bedbugs to the psychedelic adventures of camping. This demo opened the gate to play with prominent acts such as Dark Tranquility, Insomnium, Narcotic Wasteland, Gorod, Bookakee, Into Eternity and Ninjaspy. In addition, they fiercely demonstrated their debt metal at some of the Alberta’s finest metal fests, including Calgary Metal Fest, Farmageddon, Calgary Peace Fest, and Vernstock.

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Their latest offering, a six song EP Sacrilicious, talks about a distant wasteland, primal lust, human psyche and demonic inhabitance and manifestation. Unleashing this EP, the quartet refused to relent their vitriolic and twisted assaults and advanced themselves to the next round of direness.


“Mankind shivers in turmoil as demons tease men with promises of wealth and luxury in a distant wasteland where the sands are the shards of obsidian, a stranger waits with his own promises, but of an even darker nature. Primal lust punished with torture as the human psyche serves as the perfect vessel for demonic influence. Those that do not know what they are doing bring the end of the human world and usher in an eternity of fire, sex, death and death again — it’s Sacrilicious.”

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Sacrilicious is currently available on all digital platforms and an EP supporting tour will take place in the near future.

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