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Manarang: Tautuo’s First Single

Manarang is one of the important points of the four “TAU” philosophies of the Toraja tribe, meaning intelligence. the Toraja tribe meant in this point is how humans should be smart in life, clever in behaving, clever in solving a problem also in making decisions.

Tautuo tries to interpret this into a dark and cinematic composition of music, Tautuo’s way of looking at Manarang points in their songs can be quite different from the meaning of intelligence meant by the Toraja tribe mentioned earlier that Tautuo in the first single prefers to explore manarang’s philosophy not directly to the word cleverness literally, but more inclined to the process of achieving “manarang”, which in essence every creature must learn, find out, adventure, pray, and be sure until finally it can be at a point called “manarang”.


Tautuo is called for ‘Manarang’ with an opening arrangement with sparkling sound guitars that is clean and has a tremolo layered reverb guitar with dark chord progressions like the progressions often used by black metal bands.

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Previously this song began calmly, but the further the duration of the song’s progress increased the more fierce emotions, as if trying to remind hard that a lot of things had to be done to reach Manarang, right until the end of the song the listener’s mind can be shaped like being in some scenes of feeling and atmosphere, such as an atmosphere of gratitude and prayer, a feeling of calm because it has reached ‘manarang’.

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