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Lethal Shöck Spread Out Their Debut Album

Trio Metalhead from Chicago, Lethal Shöck pissed of their new own brand, Atomic Metal  bastardization of D-beat, Speed and Heavy Metal with majestic guitar solos.
Lethal Shöck cover it with spikes, light it on fire, and hurl it down a mountain towards a church picnic while slamming Coors banquet beer and hailing the goat.
Lethal Shöck founded in 2008, yet it took several personnel changes to come to its iniquitous fruition. With Steve Beaudeth and Justin Fernal into the lineup, the band produced their debut album “Evil Aggressor” on July 22nd, 2016, released by Witches Brew.
Their music make the listener to enjoy the Riff-after-riff of poser-killing metal. Their music make the listeneng back to an era when the power and intensity of the riff was enough to drive fans into a headbanging frenzy.
This album will bring back to the era of Venom and GBH, English Dogs and Exciter. Evil Aggressor is sure to entice listeners for whom the glory days of the early 80’s never died.

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