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Black Majesty; Venomous Album of Curse The Flesh

Band from Mobile, Alabama is quite interesting is Curse The Flesh. Born in 2012 with five personnel, combining the various characteristics of each of its personnel. Curse The Flesh born to give a new wave to make a pretty good band.

Curse The Flesh’s song is about harmony and melody build prevalent in melodic death metal, along with the additional influence of the early North American death metal and Norwegian Black Metal.


The combination of the various characters of their personnel in 2012, finally released an album called Black Majesty on June 13, 2015. The album Black Majesty release independently by them. Its album distribution is distribute while performing and also via online shop.

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The album has a dizzying array of melodies and hooks, made right beside the rapid-fire drums and venomous vocal.

Curse The Flesh play a potent. Potent is contemporary style of extreme metal that focuses on breeding an atmosphere of evil–in a bold and triumphant manner.

Despite undergoing a few lineup changes, they continue to devastate live audiences. Indeed, one can expect even more deadly offerings from this diabolical quintet in the near future.

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