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Bestialord Unearthed the New Album with GrimmDistribution Last Month

Inspired by horror and occult literatures, doom/death force BESTIALORD was established by the former members of Manilla Road and Sanctus Infernum in October 2016. The Wichita, Kansas based trio categorizes their sound as “occult horror metal”.

Their Lovecraftian and horror films inspired 2018’s debut Law of the Burning was widely accepted by the fans and critics alike.


BESTIALORD has unearthed the next chapter of sorcery with the sophomore album, Black Mass Wedding. This macabre opus abounds with forbidden lore, apocalyptic visions, and Lovecraftian nightmare.

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The trio continues conjuring the ghoulish energy of the previous album; bluesy solos, demon invoking riffs, caveman like vocals together sustain the substances of both doom and death metal.

Black Mass Wedding came out on GrimmDistribution on June 20 and currently available on CD (as well as digitally via Bandcamp).

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