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Dumai Distortion #8 Will Be Held On September

After running more than a year ago, precisely in 2018 ago, the annual Dumai Metalhead Corps event, Dumai Distortion was held in April 2018 by bringing Death Metal bands from Medan, Death Fantome.

This year the exciting news comes from Dumai Metalhead Corps, that in Dumai city, will be held by Dumai Distortion #8 in the next few months.


“The extreme music event in Dumai has recently receded, a few years ago there was a metal event held every month. With the existence of technological and digital invasions that made everything backward. But we and some friends from DMH (Dumai Metal Head) will certainly try to revive the soul of metal musicians to return to playing on the stage of Dumai Distortion #8,” Alwi said as the organizer of the event from Dumai Distortion.

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Then he continued, “Dumai Distortion 8 is planned to be held in September 2019, hopefully with sincere intention this preparation and all the needs of the event will be more mature to prepare.”

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