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Tautuo; Rock Instrumental band from Bandung

Tautuo is a rock instrumental band from Bandung / Makassar. Tautuo was formed by Ukka Manyala (guitar), Ari (bass / keyboard) and Gilang Dhafir (drums), who have agreed to carry the color of music with a background of different music, say post rock, dark rock, pop and death metal.

TAUTUO was formed in 2018 from the friendship of Ukka Manyala and Ari. When their band broke up in 2017, Ukkamanyala and Ari remained consistent in writing material for new songs. They formed a band with a different concept from their previous band. To add more variety and exploration to their stretcher concept, Gilang was invited to fill the position of the beatmaker (drummer) and begin to enter the process of working on the song.


Tautuo composes his musical composition progressively in the form of many changes in patterns with atmospheric instrumental nuances, the combination of clean guitar riffs and distorted guitar riffs that are heavy and dark with bass sounds that are intensely dirty and then collide with a typical drum beat with metal shades.

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With the help of Juang Manyala, Fadly M.K, Khaeril Damis and the Prolog Art Building Studio, TAUTUO only needed about one month to produce and record their first EP.

Their first single titled “Manarang” can also be heard on your favorite digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

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