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Light Mercy A Way, Metalcore From Yogyakarta

Light Mercy A Way ( LMAW ) is a metalcore band from Jogjakarta . This band is not a new band , Light Mercy A Way beginning actually originated from the 3 person namely Danang ( jack ) as drummer , Jani ( Djono ) as vocalist ,and Adib as guitarist, it was called Rise Up For Revenge . Until finally found 2 more personnel are Frendy ( ichal ) and Dito . After running over time ,Adib and Dito finally decided to resign , and was replaced by Imam and Bagus .

Once formed these formations ultimately Rise Up For Revenge decided to change its name to Looking For Mercy and could carry the flow of hardcore metal . Not long ago they were running with this name, their guitarist, Imam decided to take lectures in Bandung and the time they are forced to resign. Sometine they runs with four personnel formations, they feel they are now less solid and intends to seek a more personnel as Lead guitar .


Finally Looking For Mercy find another guitarist named Ivan ( Dodo ) . After this formation their bassist , Djono decided to come out . It was a crushing blow for them because Djono had to leave the band . But they did not give up and continue to organize themselves to go ahead with this band .

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Eventually they met with Danang (Zombi) which fills the position vacated by Djono bassist. They began eager again to make Looking For Mercy became the good band. But in the middle of their journey with the name Looking For Mercy they are forced to change because of one thing into Light Mercy A Way.

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After walking nearly a year , they make a decision to spend one of their personnel, Dodo are not consistent with their vision and mission .

A few months stay with four players , eventually they find new personnel to fill the position keyboard. And Rio finally get into Light Mercy A Way . As time goes on rio leave Light Mercy A way  because he decided to return to his area , and now they remodel Mercy Light A Way to keep his forward to the next , and eventually formed a new lineup that was Ichal ( vocals ) , Zombi ( bass ) , Bagus ( guitar ) adit ( guitar ) , Jack ( drums ) . (Azh/Sos)

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