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Crowdance from Loannina

Crowdance were formed on early 2007 in Ioannina. The band’s style combines the heavy American metal sound and with an industrial/electro and gothic aesthetics. In early 2009 Crowdance released a first demo cd entitled “Serpent” with producer Panos Lagdas. It includes the following tracks: 1. Serpent, 2. Crowdance, 3. Threnody. Additionally, the band appeared live on Ioannina Castle Festival and on Ioannina Rock City Festival.

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The current line up is Alex Seretis (vocals), Alex Fyraridis (drums), Nick Vonifatios Armenopoulos (bass), Vasilis Pappas (guitars), Marios Giotakis (keys) and Panos Lagdas (electro programming).


At the moment Crowdance has already finished recording a Promo Cd entitled “New World Order”, which includes the following tracks:

1. Awakening, 2. New World Order, 3. Soma, 4. Cemetery of Souls.

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“New World Order” was recorded in Vision of Sound Studios by Thomas Nastos, progresses the band’s basic characteristics and shows a drift towards a more modern, heavy, electro and industrial direction. The full length cd, which is expected by the end of 2014, is inspired by Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World”, which portrays a horrible future society operating on the principles of a perfect technocratic civilization, based on physical and psychological coercion. (Azh/SoS)

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