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Shortstory about The Shadow Behind True Life from Attila Goth

The Shadow Behind True Life is the title of the album of the band from Karanganyar, Attila Goth. The album was released in 2013 as independent. The Shadow Behind True Life is only takes about 4 months, from June to September 2013. The album contains 8 songs and one cover song is also collaborating with one of the personnel of Mbahurekso, Alex.

Trips to enjoy this album begins with the opening song is perfect to start the journey to “true life”. Pintu Syurga chosen as the opening for this album. Pintu Syurga is a song that not have too many words, but in every word implied a lot of meaning. Who was asked to be the opening, the song tells the story of a world increasingly mortal and sinful, so it must seek forgiveness in order not to get caught up in the torment of the Lord and entered into eternal paradise. This song is quite long though only the lyrics are not much. mixed with music and vocals are very fitting of Tiar adds to the impression of Gothic. And this song was success be the opening.


The disc continues to spin, and invited to enter the beautiful natural paradise. Yes, Surga Nan Indah is the second song of this album. The beats are not too heavy and enjoyable. No one is putting this song after Pintu Surga. As interrelated, Surga Nan Indah describes about life must be ended and go to the uncertain nature. We can only hope to put in heaven, and God disposes.

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In the next song, invited to backward a few moments before enjoying heaven, about death and about the things that can not to be regulated by humans. Kematian Suatu Kepastian is the song that fills in the order of number three. Death is one thing’s for sure, and it is very well told by the band fronted by 5 personnel from Karanganyar.
The disc is still spinning. In the next song is Tanda Akhir Keabadian. Was predictable song tells the story of what is not? Of course, this song tells about many things related to the signs of the end of the world. Starting from the life that seemed easy once removed and seemed worthless to humans who have forgotten the Lord, which in essence is a return of all mankind. This song was not only a very piercing lyrics, arrangements of this song was enough to make the lyrics more piercing.

Tirai Keheningan Nurani become conditioning after several previous song filled with the horror of death and everything around it. Not much can be written about this song, but this song became my favorite song on this album. Too many things that can be derived from the song that the lyric only contained two stanzas. I just wanted to continue to play this song many times.

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In the next song, there is something different. In the song also collaborated with Alex of Mbahurekso, this song using javanesse. Sekar Lakuning Jagad is the title. The atmosphere was instantly changed, atmosphere of Javanesse Black Metal is very strong in this song. Coupled with the vocal sound of Alex that in fact members of the Black Metal Band. Maybe a lot of people who will not understand the lyrics in this song. The purpose of the the lyric is that life in this world is temporary, no one can predict the suspect when the impending death. Even, this song advised not to forget the Lord and always remember whenever.

Not only that, there are still quite a surprise song. I wonder what Attila Goth think of when they want to cover the Himne Guru. This Himne Guru is very different from the original version, so terrible and wowed by arrangement. Who would have thought, a national song as a Himne Guru can be altered such that it becomes very gothic like this. Very nice!

The next song is Dimana Jiwaku Yang Hilang. The songs are easy listening and very enjoyable to linger repeat this song. Arranged with very suited to rest after battered with fast beats, this song just a guitar and a little touch of drums that force us to love this song without any reason to reject it.

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Until the end of this album, there is a Transisi Nurani. The song is already long enough released by Attila Goth is indeed very suitable for an end to the story of the album The Shadow Of True Life. Transisi Nurani itself tells the story of a life filled with contempt and about how God leads to real life.

The disc was stopped spinning, forcing to realize that had all the songs played.
Too much to write about what impression of this album, which certainly Attila Goth has been successful to make anyone who does not regret buying this album. The Album that highly obliged to be played many times. Nice, and awesome!

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