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Nahum Tell That The Chaos Has Begun

Nahum is the band Death / Thrash Metal from Czech who has just released a new album. Their new album titled “And The Chaos has Begun”.

Nahum was formed in 2004 by Tomash Nahum and Pavel Balcar. Nahum name itself is taken from the name of their founder, Tomash Nahum.


The fundamental concept of this album is that they want to tell you that the chaos of recent years is a tool, and also a beginning of the apocalypse. They want to say that we have just entered the era of the last.

“In real time, we can see increasin chaos in the state, on the street, and event in the heads of people regularly lubricated by the media. The raging chaos is a tool, side effect and also the essence of apocalpyse that has just started and that will be the last thing humanity will experience. We have just entered the last era!”, said them.

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Nahum reliability is their ability to mix Death Metal with Thrash Metal in a slick and interesting. Can be quite difficult to mix these two music into one.

In the first song, Raging Chaos will be preceded by the sound of falling bombs and explode. Of course we have reflected what will be delivered by them on this album. A very chaotic turmoil, such as the title song. Raging Chaos is a song that is very thick with guitar riffs that raged with emotion.

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Stepping into the second song, Vomit The Darkness became the successor to pumped your adrenaline. Thunderous drum beats and guitar riffs throughout the song makes emotions. Amid the songs, riffs pitched a slower but still Thrash Metal presented. Pavel’s character make its so Thrash.

Creator Of Emptiness is the next song, unlike the two previous songs were fast, the opening song of the Creator Of Emptinesa it seem more relaxed and ‘soft’. But it only lasted a few moments, rapid music and the vocals back pounding relentlessly. Creator of Emptiness is a number that is quite interesting and cool.

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The next song is also interesting, Funeral Of Age is the fifth song of the album. Funeral of Age opens with bass that quite heavy, impressed the dark and eerie. Then evolved into such Black Metal music. But high-speed distortion also have a part in this song. Like the lyrics in this album, “Now its time to blow out the light”. Quite interesting.

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