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Great Impression of Corpvs Hermeticvm by Zorormr

Poland recently quite heavily in the development of extreme music, it can be seen from the number of new Metal band productive in producing and releasing new albums. Besides even then, Poland has a varied range of genres. One of them is One-Man Black Metal, Zorormr. Zorormr latest album Titled Corpvs Hermeticvm released through Via Nocturna.

Zorormr is a One-Man Black Metal from Poland, which until now has released 3 albums and in 10 June will release new album. Zorormr Established in 2010 with all the instruments and vocals filled by Moloch.


The third album of Zorormr is Corpvs Hermeticvm. First listened to the album Corpvs Hermeticvm impression is dark and terrible. Greeted with dark music and guitar riffs wrenching, I Am Legend is pretty awful opener. Down Tempo in middle of the song to make a dark impression.

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The second song opens with a very different from the first track, pounding insistently and guitar riffs that accompany vocal of Moloch really get the adrenaline raced. No need to take a long time emotions will soon rise to follow the beat of the music in the song Against All this Heresy. Guitar riffs that are very interesting to be found in this song.

In The Mouth Of Madness surprising at all, treated to shouts at the beginning of the song is very shocking. It was awful vocals of Hal and tempo quickly become irresistible blend. And that is what makes this song interesting, who knows what is in the mind of Moloch in this song to successfully create extreme music like this.

Having since first offered music with a fast tempo, the song called Nyarlathotep give cool down for the ear. The music is slower than three track before. More dark and gloomy impression gained from the lead guitar at the opening.

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Twilight Of The Idols back in a tense atmosphere, the music is loud and rough growls presented again by Zorormr. Twilight Of The Idols itself tells about the divinity.

Bang the drum started the song is also the title of his third album this Zorormr. Yes, Corpvs Hermeticvm is the next track presented by Zorormr. Lead from Mike Wead quite capable of providing ambient dark on this song. Its a great idea ofZorormr for bringing Mike Wead fill the lead guitar in this song, it felt very pronounced.

The Seventh Sermon To The Dead presents a different case. This song is the only instrument song on the album. Dark impression to be a very interesting until the 90th seconds. Then after that drums and guitar riffs start slashing.

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Worship Me! different again with the previous song. Emotions will be driven up until “Hail Moloch!” will be very familiar lyrics in this song. Hail Moloch!

The last song of the album is This I Command. Closes with a very frenetic but still dark and terrible is that given by Zorormr in this album.

Corpvs Hermetitvm album is quite capable to provide a new thing for Black Metal Scene in Polish. Performed only by one person is very difficult to produce material such as Corpvs Hermeticvm. However, Moloch can be proven that he can create a masterpiece like Corpvs Hermeticvm.

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