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Fadhalius Come With Their New EP, Lentera Jiwa

“Saat malam menabur sunyi..
Jiwaku merinding memamah sabda..
Yang meloncat dari lidah sang waktu..
Kebakaan yang teramat purba..”

The lyric couplet that will open our conversation with the EP of the band from Yogyakarta which for some people is not foreign . Yes , definitely know who is meant . Fadhalius , a band that in fact had very many genres . Either , should be spelled out what they are genre stretcher , Gothic Metal , Power Metal , Symphonic Metal , or whatever . Yes … Mixing music is very diverse , full of taste and full of darkness .First spin this disc , feels like a familiar but not familiar . Ah , this is Mefistopheles or not? The question is in my head . Feels very different with when I first heard the song from their CD Promo few years ago. I swear, this is fell different and more Awesome . Re-arranging very attractive . Even without the violin , the song is still impressed and feel dark . At the end of this song will contain the word of Mefisto.

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“Kau ingin padamkan apiku..
kau ingin membunuhku..
aku tak mati..
aku tak pernah mati”

 Continued with the track who also be the title this album , Lentera Jiwa. The opening song is terrible … like reading a spell but not spell .. but not as raucous cries hoarse cries .. 2 thumbs up for people who have re-arranged the song became more terrible but still full of meaning in every word.


“Lentera perlahan mengarungi samudra..
Tasbih mendorong dengan khusyuk..
Cakrawala mengiringi ilham illahi..
Putih mengkilap dalam sinar… keTuhanan..”

 Until the last track of the album , I never heard this song . Children Of Bajang . Such as Java atmosphere felt in this song , tells the story of the mythical land of Java . It felt very tense but not scary . Wrapped with music that will bring us back to the Rock Indonesian Era . Its feel so rock guys . You have to listen this song if you miss that era .
And closing this review, the final word . For those of you who used to enjoy the band’s CD PROMO several years ago , you also should be mandatory enjoy their Latest EP ‘s . I assure you , a very different atmosphere will be felt . And you will be amazed by their work on this EP .

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