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Black metal band from Surabaya, Nicronomodez make a very shocking surprise. Unexpectedly this year they have released 4 albums at once. Not only that, without too much brags through their media directly from abroad banged label in releasing these albums. Call it like Culminis of Russia, Otten Crowz Production of Hungary. Not only that, they also released the album in very limited quantities. So for you guys who want their albums hurry up to order before they run out. (Azh/SoS)
- - -
Band: Puregation
Album: Humans Are Determinated To Kill
Release: 2014
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Denpasar, Bali

- Track Song -

01 Crises Of The Suffering 02:05 instrumental
02 Death Everywhere 03:36
03 Determined 03:41
04 S.S.S 03:55
05 Blade To Throat 02:33
06 Enslaves The Humans 03:00
07 I Will Stab You !!! 02:12
08 Eating Your Flesh With Lust 02:31
09 I Desecrate Your Kingdom 02:30
10 Circle Of Fourth 02:01

Biji Kopi Records

Creepy:The Ultimate Underground
(Launching Album Creepy : The Ultimate Underground Compilation)
1 Juni 2014
@Grand Charli TMII
Jakarta Timur
Metal Balita
Peluru Kendali
Bloody Romance
Night Opera
Bloody Mortir
Demon Of Ditty
Roh Sesat
Sick My Head

MC : Riska & Abuk Yangan

Supported by
Metro 24 Jam
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SisBledo Distro&Sablon (Tegal)
Sidikalang Underground Community
Rumah Kaos 55 (Sidikalang)
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More Info
@BijiKopiRecords @evaBKR
085762545067,BB PIN 2365061E
Gothic Metal band from Bandung, Restless is preparing a new album in the concept of a symphony orchestra. The band is fronted by Opa on this vocal album was just released last year. However, this does not make them tired to keep producing new works for their fans.
This year, they plan to release an album that is different in terms of music. They will make an album with a new concept, the concept is still rare that is owned by the Indonesian band, that is Symphony Orchestra.
Not yet known when the new album will be release, but through their twitter account, they are assured that the album will be released this year. (Azh/SoS)
- - -
Less good news comes from the band's who will held concert tour launching their new album, SiksaKubuR. Concert tour that was supposed to be held in the town of Wonosobo had to be canceled due to the irresponsible action of an individual through the social networking site, twitter.
The chronology of the incident stems from a self chirp of a local community in the town of Wonosobo, urging SiksaKubuR ask permission first before their concert tour. Interaction with the person who uses the username @Andri666 also continues to require SiksaKubuR contacting EO / local communities in the area.
One day after the interaction, via Edelweiss SiksaKubuR Entertainment officially declared cancels tour launching their 7th album in Wonosobo. (Azh/SoS)
- -
Good news comes from the Gothic Metal band from Medan, Leviathan. After a long vacuum the band announced that they will return again to the underground world. This statement is said by personnel and founder Gothic Metal band from Medan, namely onic Athan's. 
The band formed in 1997 with the concept of the old Gothic Metal audible in their own city because there are internal problems in the band. And in 2009 the band went through a vacuum. 
And this year, they finally come back again. Currently they are preparing new personnel and also prepare their old songs for recycling. (Azh/SoS)
- -
Encouraging news came from the death metal band from Tangerang, Carnivored. The band is already 8 years old poor across the Indonesian Underground is confirmed will release their second album in this year, precisely in this month. Their new album is titled No Truth Found. 
In the cultivation of Truth Found No album cover, artwork done by Bahrull Marta. (Azh/SoS)
Cover No Thruth Found

- -
Black Metal Band origin from Tangerang, Roh Sesat have just released their new album entitled "Nama Kekasihku Black Metal". Unmitigated the band who have Pury on vocals release cooperation with Ukraine label in the release of their album, namely Depressive Illusions Records that have often released the album black metal bands from all over the world. Band Indonesia which was released by the label program isn't only Roh Sesat, there are also Ash joining this label anyway.
Their album was released in cassette tape format and released in a very limited number of only 100 pieces.
- -
Two American thrash metal band, Toxic Holocaust and Skeletonwitch had to cancel their tour to Australia which was held this month because Joel Grind diagnosed unwell and doctors recommend the guitarist that do not cost anywhere.
"Unfortunately, due to a serious and prolonged ear infection suffered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, the Toxic Holocaust/Skeletonwitch Australian & New Zealand tour will not be happening in April 2014. Joel is unwell and recommended by his Doctor not to fly till his condition is taken care of. We are truly sorry, but this is something that's out of hands. " they said. (Azh/SoS)
- -
Sweden Progressive Metal will release their eleventh album on June 7 via Roadrunner Records. Their new album titled "Pale Communion".
The single from the new album titled "Cups Of Eternity" which was produced by the band can be ordered pre-order through iTunes Store and Roadrunner Webstore. (azh/SoS)

"Pale Communion" track listing:

01. Eternal Rains Will Come
02. Cusp Of Eternity
03. Moon Above, Sun Below
04. Elysian Woes
05. Goblin
06. River
07. Voice Of Treason
08. Faith In Others
- -

Band from Indramayu who just release a new album, Moses Bandwidth just released their new single in collaboration with Harmony Death Metal band origin Sumpiuh, Nebucard Nezar. Their new single titled "Bar Mbojo Band Bubar", the title track those using the Javanesse language and when translated in English means "Once Married, The band broke up". This single is awesome with a slick combination between Gothic and Death Metal music.
Their new single can be downloaded for free via their Reverbnation. (Azh/SoS)
- -
Band: Dismorality
Album: Waste Of Victim
Genre: Thrash Metal
Origin: Tangerang


01 Terror Creation 02:36
02 Slave Injustice 03:54
03 Waste Of Victim 02:58
04 Into the Massacre 04:20
05 No Turning Back 02:26
06 Moralitas Tanda Tanya 03:19
07 Assault By Chemical Industry 02:38
08 Poison Abused 04:40
09 Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover) 02:51
10 Outro 00:39