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Joko Widodo, a metalhead who becomes President! Who is Joko Widodo? Joko Widodo more frequently called Jokowi love music like Led Zeppelin, Napalm Death, Metallica, etc.. Jokowi also served as the governor of Jakarta, and Jokowi just running for President for the Republic of Indonesia.
The results of the election held on July 9 resulted in the decision that the metalhead who also got this guitar from metallica won the election with 53.15% of the vote. Jokowi superior results obtained by 7% against the rival who just got 46.85%.
Jokowi promised social welfare for the poor. He was popular among Indonesian youth as clean of politics. Previous Jokowi furniture maker who grew up in a small village.
Jokowi not only bring a change for the people of Indonesia, Jokowi also bring hope to the Indonesian metalhead! (Azh/SoS)

Death Metal duo from Jakarta, Livilium finally released their first single entitled "The Omega Of Human Race". The band is fronted by Joseph Krisnanda and Alfan Afero this proves their creativity is not limited and hampered though they were alone. Omega Of Human Race also will found in their promo album. Not only that, the song Omega Of Human Race will also be released in video clip format, which is planned to be released as soon as possible.
In the cultivation of this song, they are also assisted by Zethria ( HolyKillers ) in the drum fills. (Azh/SoS)
- - -
One of the founding figures from Yogyakarta Death Metal, Death Vomit finally back hit the Indonesian metal music scene with their debut album. After undergoing a long enough hiatus, finally back and now completed their new album.
Recently they leaked the title of their new album called "Forging a Legacy". Forging A Legacy will be released by label named Armstretch Records from Bandung. If there is no obstacle this album will be released in July / August.
Through Traxmagz, Roy who is also the drummer of Death Vomit explained that the album this time the theme is more different from the previous album, writing lyrics that use the English language and the theme chosen was told about the dark side of human beings.
Forging A Legacy album has 9 tracks that whole song was recorded in studio Rockstar, Yogyakarta. As for the mastering will be done in Jakarta. (Azh/SoS)
- - -
Awesome news comes from Gothic Metal band from Bandung who in the last year has just released their new album, yes, they are Restless. In this Ramadan they give a gift to their fans, Exactly overnight they publish a new single cover the results from a song from Bimbo titled Lailatul Qadar. Lailatul Qadar song is sung Restless with Adi. R Triadi.
Their new single can be downloaded for free, you can visit them on twitter @ Restless_Gothic. (Azh/SoS)
- - -
Garis Ilahi
The bad news comes again from Indonesia, after a short time ago had a scene with the action of the band name Siksa Jenazah of the plagiarized artwork artwork from other bands, now there are other bands that do the same as well call it the Garis Ilahi.
Bands from Cikupa, Tangerang brought the genre of Modern Black Metal. We trace of fanspage them, there are a lot of artwork they were copied from famous Indonesian bands like Lumpur and Lord Symphony.
Even for artwork for their new single, entitled "Nyuhunkeun Ka Nu Kawasa" they also did not hesitate to trace the artwork of the band from Germany, Purgatory.
After a scene in social networking (facebook-red),until now they has not confirmed the artworks they are copied from the various bands. (Azh/SoS)
Copied art from Lord Symphony, Indonesia

Left: Original Artwork from Purgatory, Germany. Right: Copied Artwork from Garis Ilahi

- -
Flag Of Hate is the band's gothic / metal from South Jakarta. Formed in March 2006. By the early formation, Wild (The beast Growl / Scream), Adie (The Rhythm 6 string), C'dick (The Low 4 Strings) and Popo (The Beat) by genre Dark / Nu Metal. But several months later, because in a sense there is less sound. Flag Of Hate then decided to recruit Mizthree (The Keys / Female Voice) to add elements of synth sounds, piano, strings and weird effects and Thobenk (The Lead 6 Strings) to add the element of melody. With this formation, Flag Of Hate successfully won several band festival in Jakarta. But at the end of 2007, Thobenk decided to quit because of busy life in college. Guitar positions were replaced by Popo and Drum position replaced by Jeppy (compatriots) that makes sound Flag Of Hate to be the more quickly follow the beat of the bass drum. At this point Flag Of Hate decide to change the genre into Gothic / Metal.
With the growing breadth of influence of each personnel, is created masterpieces such as the Tale from the Dark Side, Eternal Madness, Of Darkness and Flag Of Hate song other songs. With this formation, Flag Of Hate successfully reached the Top 100 bands of Jakarta in the "LA Lights Indiefest 2008". After a lot of events featuring the event in Jakarta and Depok. Flag Of Hate also been featuring in the event 'A Mild Live Wanted "in Bogor.
Flag Of Hate The struggle has not ended, in mid-year 2009 positions Popo replaced by Teke '(Forgen) are increasingly making sound Flag Of Hate to be very unusual in exploring the character and skill that is much better than before. They tried to incorporate the piano clinking sound dark, gloomy gothic strings with elements of the magnificent orchestra, and voices of women in Collaborate with thunderous roar of male voices of anger, hatred, death, which can heat the cold atmosphere in the match by a thick guitar sound, full-speed tempo power and cuts the strings melody that makes the sound become very high quality and character. Having undergone several personnel changes, the position C'dick who resigned in late April 2010, replaced by Dodid (Friendz) and Teke' replaced by Bay. (Azh/SoS)

Only them could have chained zombies up and make a clip about it! We are talking about Greek thrashers AMKEN, who released their first official video clip for the song “Zombie Pets”.
The video has been directed by Antonis Skaramagkas (Exarsis, Fatal Mutiny, Secret Illusion) while music production took place at Made In Hell Studio (Mentally Defiled, Fadom, Fatal Mutiny, Demon Prayers).
Blood-pumping, fast-paced bay area thrash combined with that notorious teutonic drive is so evident on their upcoming debut EP “Adrenaline Shot”, from which “Zombie Pets” is a first taste. (Azh/SoS)
- - -

Gothic band from Jakarta, Flag Of Hate has just released their second single in the year 2014. After more than one year are not released a single, finally this year they released a new single after in 2012 released singles Eternal Madness. Their latest single titled Jiwa Hitam.
This song tells the story of man's sinful and full of hypocrisy.
It is proof that the Flag Of Hate can still exist and remain consistent with their works.
Their latest single is you can listen to on their reverbnation.

Here a few snippets of the lyrics of the new single from Flag Of Hate:

Kami manusia penuh dengan dosa
Jiwa penuh hitam
Hidup penuh sandiwara
Menyelimuti manusia setengah setan

Langkahku sudah terlalu jauh
Terjebak, dalam belenggu ikatan yang menyesatkanku
Bawa aku pergi!
Inginku kembali membawa energi
Dan lupakan semua jiwa hitam yang kelam

 Langkahku sudah terlalu jauh
Terjebak, dalam belenggu ikatan yang menyesatkanku
Bawa aku pergi!

 Jiwa hitam yang merasuk hidupku
Terjerat, dalam lingkaran hitam yang mematikanku
Bawa aku pergi!
Jiwa hitam yang merasuk
Dalam lingkaran hitam
Mematikan diriku
Bawa aku pergi!
- -
The Brazilians of Burn The Mankind just finished in June 2014 their debut album and are looking to labels and partners willing to provide support for the album release.
Produced by the band and by Henrique López, the album titled "To Beyond" will feature fine tracks.
During  the  recording  process,  the  members  were  surprised  by  the  leave  of  their drummer  Matheus  Montenegro  (ex-The Ordher).  However,  with  the  addition  of guitarist Rafael Barros (ex-Nephast) and the passing of guitarist Raissan Chedid to the drums, the musicians found the strength to finish the material.
As a mean of disclosure for the  labels and fans of extreme music, the band posted on their YouTube channel an edited preview of the material. (Azh/SoS)

- -
Devormity, a death metal band from Bandung was finally back after a few months ago had not heard when it should be left by their vocalist Raziv Rizal who has died of murder. Band formed by Raziv is preparing for their first album titled album "Revolusi dan Agresi". This full allbum will be dedicated to Raziv.
Revolusi dan Agresi album will be released through a label called Extreme Soul Production. This album in plans will release on 8 August 2014 .
Previously Devormity also has released an EP containing 5 songs that "Suffering Inhuman The Impalement" and debut full album currently contains 10 tracks are packed more violent, they are also cover song from the Jasad that is Urine Campur Nanah. (Azh/SoS)
- - -
Conversation with the album of the band from Poland is quite interesting, opened with a pretty slick by the instrument track titled Prologue. A track is like bringing us to enter a new era of Valinor.
Just a few seconds prologue walk, move directly to the track as well as the title track of this album is Hidden Beauty. The song begins with shouts loud enough. Black Metal atmosphere that I think there is a little element of thrashing death metal and felt in this song until some later songs such as The Voice Of Space, The Funeral, to A Hand Of The Dead.
This unique black metal music, Valinor success to explore with very good.
Until the sixth track, something different presented by Valinor. A beautiful instrument and made him want to play this track many times. Yes, this is a favorite track. Hidden Beauty to be very different in this version of the instruments, melodies seemed to be the lyrics, without the need to shout and vocals, this instrument has been talking a lot.
A moment to relax with a track that is fairly quiet, directly beaten again with Requiem. A track that is very thick felt death metal riffs. Continued to track The Bloodless Face, shit, the intro is great!! The music was different from the composition of the previous tracks. It's a favorite track after the version Hidden Beauty Instruments. the song is very interesting and very making of this song not want to get it over with.
The trip seems to have ended when the track Epilogue floated. (Azh/SoS)

Thanks for Ernest Garstka for this awesome album
More info about Valinor can get from their website

1. Prologue
2. Hidden Beauty
3. The Voice Of Space
4. The Funeral
5. A Hand Of A Dead
6. Hidden Beauty - The Beginning (Instrumental)
7. Requiem
8. The Bloodless Face
9. Epilogue 
- - -
California technical death metal band, Rings Of Saturn will release a new album as well as a third full-length album since they formed five years ago.
After releasing an album in 2010 "Embryonic Anomaly" and "Dingir" independently, their third album will be released by Unique Leader Records with Brette Ciamarra responsibilities as a record producer.
According to news sounds, Rings Of Saturn will cover one song by Suicide Silence. 'No Pity For A Coward' embeddable as their tribute to the vocalist, Mitch Lucker, who died a few months ago due to an accident. (Azh/SoS)
- -